Marvels Spider-Man Remexpansion plantered for PC reveals requirements and characteristics in its new trailer

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remexpansion plantered For PC arrives next August 12, 2022 expansion plan part of the Sony Interactive Entertainment expansion plan to bring several of its exclusive to compatible. And will make it display of a visual quality to the maximum level in equipment with hardware at the height, expansion plan we can observe in the new and colorful trailer shared by PlayStation that you can see on these lines. So much so, that those responsible ( Insomniac Games and Nixxes software ) have shared the own characteristics of this Port next to the requirements and the reserve incentivesreserve incentives .

Thus Luce Spider-Man Remexpansion plantered to the maximum on PC

Thus, the visual feature of this PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remexpansion plantered are the following:

Ray Tracing with a higher quality mode that offers more detail in New York City.
Compatibility with
NVIDIA DLSS , allowing to increexpansion plane the frame rate without compromising the resolution on the screen.
*Compatibility with
NVIDIA DLAA , system that activates anti-aliexpansion planing to increexpansion plane image quality.
*Compatibility with
Ultrapanoramic monitors of 21: 9, 32: 0 panoramic and systems with Nvidia surround . You can choose the resolution that we want together with the window mode, full screen and other rendering modes.
*Great capacity for
Configuration with options such expansion plan textures filtering, the quality of the level of detail, shadows, lights, Ssao and more.
*Total compatibility with the
dualsense of PS5 using cable connection. You can also play with keyboard and mouse.
*A large amount of
accessibility options .
*Compatibility of
Achievements and Saved items in the cloud **, both in the Epic Games Store and in Steam.

In addition, we already have the minimum and recommended requirements through several levels of visual quality (very high, Amazing Ray Tracing and Ultimate Ray Tracing) that we can see in the following infographic, with a very advanced hardware for the most specifications High.

Finally, the different reserve incentives for Steam and Epic Games Store have been detailed, which are:

* The Iron Spider suit.
* The Spider-Punk suit.
* The speed suit.
* Anticipated unlocking of Spider-Dron combat gadget.
* 5 additional skill points to spend on Spider-Man improvements.

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