LOL: The Furious Gaming team achieves the tricampeonato of the Honor League

The Grand Final of the Honor League has two great contestants for the title that seek to consolidate as the top monarch, first account Furious Gaming seeks to repeat to be crowned while Movistar Optix wants to overthrow the current monarch, a confrontation that has history among the players who want to become the Chilean representatives in promo/relegation.

The first map would begin with a lot Lines, the central lane would lower the life of the rivals on different occasions and sent them based on stage for the skull that achieves the first point.

For the second game the team of La Calavera would have a new face inside the crack where Emp new account would be the protagonist with a Leblanc that marked a noticeable difference in the middle part to be able to exploit its opponents, the meeting was He tilted for the skull who sought to maintain their advantage when looking for the objectives for them and keeping the calm things to take the second point of the series.


Arriving at the third map Mox began to react despite being below in two games, now in the lower lane Kreshdoo would be present with a Zeri that managed to punish the rivals on each occasion he could, Playing fighting by team The Squad of Optix would put things in their favor to be able to put the rivals under tower getting a defeat the Calaver to put a point on its score.

A fourth duel where things began complicated for the Mox team because the rabery of the skull would be present again with the power of emp that a Orianna took with which he would help his teammates and would cause a lot of damage to the fights per equipment to get large amounts of gold that would help them close the series with a 3-1 on the scoreboard.

We have champion of the Chilean League, the Furious Gaming team repeat /relegation where you will have to fight with the champions of the other leagues to get promotion to lla.

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