All new and hidden achievements in Genshin Impact 2.8

Update 2.8 for Genshin Impact contains three new exciting achievements that you can unlock. They rotate around the party with the character Shikanoin Heizou, where you are united to help reveal the fraud, illegal trade and murder.

Sansgonomy of the prayer

Sangonomiya Supplications is achieved through the first ending of the Heizou Hangout storyline called Memories do not evaporate . As soon as you reach the end of the act, talk with the city and ask if the cadomeds have any information about the island of Vatatsumi.

I am the perfect detective

Unlock this achievement by opening a crime in the first round. This can be done by choosing or ending four or ending five during video statements. Motives will Shiroyama and the Epistle of Takatsukas Isamu and then a report on the autopsy of Takatsukasa Isama, a will of Siroyama and a report on toxicology .

You thought we were really, huh?

The last hidden achievement in this update is achieved by passing all possible endings of the event and completing lure them into a trap . Five endings that you want to unlock: Memories do not evaporate , Free lunch Onikabuto , three inexplicable , there is one secret and principles of the famous detective .

These are all the hidden achievements that we found at 2.8. As new achievements are found, we will add them here.

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