What is the origin of the Nicks of Auron, Biyin or Grefg? The names of the largest streamers

The Spanish-speaking content c ** is increasing Auronplay, Arigameplays, Coscu or Iillojuan. While many we already know part of their names such as the Basque _streamer or Malaga, the most veterans of the entire platform have a pseudonym that has marked them for life and that many may not know.

That is why we will talk about the story of some of the most emblematic pseudonyms , as well as the most curious since many of them are so obvious that much explanation is not necessary.

Auronplay, a big Final Fantasy fan

One of the great kings of Spanish-speaking Twitch is Auronplay, who has become a true reference for many after several years of effort and dedication in the direct and videos of him. His original name is Raúl Álvarez, and his nick comes nothing more and nothing less than one of the most laureate and beloved deliveries of the Final Fantasy saga, specifically the Final Fantasy X , which we could see the Tidus journey through Know what happened after a turbulent start before the Blitzball Party.

It is here when we find a character named Auron , a name that Raúl caught his attention and whoaccompanies Tydus along the trip with Yuna and Wakka * by the world created by Yoshinori Kitease.

Biyin and his affection for the King of Pop

Sara Moledo, better known as Biyín, is one of the most viewed Spanish-speaking female streamers of all Twitch , with a very characteristic personality and enormous work throughout all in recent years to avoid the stigma of The girlfriend of…. The pseudonym of her comes nothing more and nothing less than Michael Jackson, the King of Pop ** by antonomasia and an essential figure in the world of music.


Recall that Biyín was originally bjean, which in turn comes from the famous song by Michael Jackson Billie Jean that he had so much success at the time.

Thegrefg and his desire for having his own firm

David Cánovas is one of those unique people throughout the panorama, with record numbers and an unimaginable amount of spectators and people who see the direct of him. With more than 2 million viewers in a live and being the record man for several months until the evening of the year 2. Many believe that the nickname comes from a header to the keyboard, but in reality it is something much more different…

As David himself commented, everything comes because the nick of his friend was Grek , and to be able to have a pseudonym similar to a friend of his he decided to change the letter k for the F and the G to create GREFG , a name that is already known throughout the world.

Zeling, a vitiated to the grave

Another of the girls that causes furor in the world of streaming is Alicia Fernández, better known as Zeling. The former League of Legends player has shown that with personality and a lot of work you can become an important woman in a place where men has always been a major content and as a person.

What many do not know is that the origin of their name comes from its greatest hobby that is to vitiate video games, since one of its favorite games is Starcraft II and within this title we can find the Zerglings, One of the best known Zergs races of the entire game .

Perxitaa and her allusion for an Internet legend in Spain

Jaume Cremades or Perxitaa for almost everyone is another mythical _youtubers that have grown over the last years with an immense number of followers thanks especially to their troleos to other content creators, both of the Red Platform as Morada. And it is that its name comes from another Internet legend in Spain, specifically from an animated series on the Minijuegos.com website Electronic Calico .

On this webserie, we can find a parody of Doraemon and Nobita, with the name of Don Ramón y Perchita , who do everything but do good. This is where the name of this famous Creator of Valencian content was born.

Carola and her past in the discos

One of the great kings of the play play and protagonist of the evening is, supposedly and according to some words, Carlos. Carola for all, jumped to fame along the pandemic , creating an incredibly healthy and powerful community in the Spanish-speaking world. His name comes from one of his first RP characters called Marco Carola , but in reality this name is not really original of his.

Marco Carola is actually a fairly consecrated and dear Italian DJ ** by the electronic music community for being one of the great pioneers of modern techno. And for those who do not know, one of Carola’s works before devoting himself completely to Twitch was to be a disco DJ, so having a name of one of his referents is normal.

Espreen and Mariana, the great Rookies of recent years

Two of the emerging streamers of recent months have been Sppreen and Mariana , Hispanic-speaking pride by flag and enormous potential for the future of Twitch and the creation of Spanish-speaking content. On the one hand we have Ivan, who devised the name of the Spree channel of him when using it as the name of a fictional company that he had invented and that finally used as a pseudonym.

On the other hand we have Osvaldo, who once with his friends had to impersonate a woman to simulate that he was married and thus get free clothes . The name he chose was nothing more and nothing less than Mariana’s, a joke that ended up lengthening to his nick in real life.

Origin of the nicks of other content creators

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