It is revealed why Final Fantasy XVI is not an open world game

Although there is still a year to launch Final Fantasy XVI currently we already have information related to some of the most important aspects of this delivery. One of the most controversial points, this time, is the fact that this title will not be open world. After being questioned multiple occasions, The producer of the game has revealed the reason behind this decision.

Recently, Naoki Yoshida, producer of final fantasy XVI, was interviewed by Famitsu, where he had the opportunity to speak a little more about the decision not **. This was what he said about it:

When I played the first Final Fantasy, I thought‘ This is a game experience similar to a movie ’. The production, the moments of the dialogues, the drama, the sound-everyone combined to create the most great game experience possible. As soon as a chocobo or moogle was included, I thought it was already a final experience. That experience must also be felt in Final Fantasy XVI.

Additionally, it is necessary to understand the general scheme of the game design taking into account the strengths of the team itself. When I think about it, I thought, ‘I think an open world does not fit what we are planning now’. I want a story of a hero that saves the world, because this is Final Fantasy. I want to invoke to go crazy and destroy the map. I want to launch this game as soon as possible. I can’t launch it in parts.

When I considered these four main points, I think it is practically impossible to ask for everything. If we had a development time of about 15 years, we could have the opportunity to challenge ourselves with an open world. After all, it is almost impossible in terms of time and costs to create a global history within an open world


In this way, it is clear that including an open world, as seen in final fantasy xv or in one of the games of recent years, would have been counterproductive for the direction that Yoshida and his team took for this new installment. Final Fantasy XVI_ will arrive in PS5 in the summer of 2023 . In related issues, here you can see our gameplay of final fantasy xii.

Editor’s note:

Yoshida’s decision makes sense. If the vision they have for final fantasy XVI works best with an already built path, the open world could spoil the experience. Regardless of the way they choose, I can no longer wait to enjoy this game.

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