Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes 2022 – Start Time, Changes & More!

Solstice of Heroes is being renamed Solstice for its 2022 return. While there have been many leaks regarding the infamous Destiny 2 event, Bungie has yet to confirm anything regarding them. Therefore, we will stick to official sources.

Everything you need to know about Solstice 2022

When will Solstice 2022 start?

The solstice will begin on July 19, 2022.


Players will only upgrade one set of armor throughout the Solstice period. Guardians will be able to get multiple versions of the helmet, but upgrading the armor will allow them to change its stats and stat potential. This will then be extended to all blobs. Otherwise, each of the classes will receive new fancy things.

  • Titanium : incandescent prism
  • Warlock : Scintillation Prism
  • Hunter : Phosphorescent Prism

Campfire party

The European Air Zone will return with a new Bonfire Bash mode. Guardians will kindle paracausal fires and must protect them from enemies. In what looks like a horde mode, Guardians will be able to cross the EAZ more easily with the extra floating islands and building barriers removed.

Event map

Like the original Destiny, Destiny 2 reintroduces event cards with Solstice. Inside the map there will be a list of objectives to complete during the event. The Event Map will be available for free to all players and includes Event Challenges, Event Seals and Titles, and unique Event Rewards. From everything Bungie said in TWAB announcing these changes, it looks like event cards will be added to every holiday event.

Event calls

Event Challenges are tasks Guardians can complete to earn rewards. This ranges from shaders to emblems and gear to event tickets. Nothing will be timed, so Guardians can move as fast or slow as they like.

Seals and Titles of Events

There will be new seals that you can earn. Some of these will be tied to a specific Solstice event, while others will be tied to multiple events. Progress on individual seals can be tracked using the event map.

To earn the Multi-Event Seal, Guardians will need to complete a certain number of Event Challenges in each of the four annual Destiny events. It’s like how World of Warcraft has achievements tied to holiday events, and encountering each one rewards adventurers with extra goodies.

Event card rewards

As part of the event card, it will be possible to upgrade it for 1000 silver. This will immediately give players a set of exotic rewards. Guardians can then spend Event Tickets to get more rewards. Bungie claims that the value of a completed event card is over 3,000 silver.

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