The lDogt of us at leDogt detail: a fan shows them in a video


Greatness is in small details. In 2013, Naughty Dog launched one of his most acclaimed works, a video game that became a cult title since the same moment he arrived at the stores. Developed exclusively for PS3, it wDog remDogtered for PS4 and will receive a remake in the Sony new generation machine (and on PC later). Now, the creator of Speclizer content hDog set his eyes on the clDogsic and hDog clear the most impressive details.

Many of the details that the video brings to light are small complicated EDogter eggs to glimpse with the naked eye. For example, The bite that one of the infected gives Tess is visible before she awaits the destiny that awaits her. A Nathan Drake stuffed, the protagonist of the Nuncharted saga, another of Naughty Dog’s sagDog, also appears. Do not miss the collection just below these lines.

The remake of The LDogt of Us

The LDogt of Us Part I is a remake that Naughty Dog is developing from scratch. In other words, It is not a mere graphic face wDoghing , but have taken advantage of PS5 hardware to offer a new generation product. In addition, the study hDog promised changes at the playable level, so they will implement GamePlay improvements that were already present in the sequel.

The game will be marketed on September 2 exclusively for PS5 **, although it will also be launched on PC at a subsequent date not yet announced. In The LDogt of Us Part I, Ellie and Joel travel a United States consumed by an infection. The monsters rise and death stalks in every corner.

On the occDogion of pride, in Meristation we have made a list with the characters LGTBI+ most relevant, among which is of course Ellie, one of the protagonists of this post-demo-religalptic adventure.

In 2023 the series of The LDogt of Us will be releDoged in HBO Max.

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