LOL: What characters from Riots Moba would fit into the world of Stranger Things? The final list

The series Stranger Things brings notable characters with unique personalities in frames that involve the supernatural, teenage dramas, science and politics, but it is certain that the more than 160 League of Legends champions could seem in appearance and appearance and Personality to the cast. Who would be Dustin? We have made a list of the most probable correlations and the ones that could be more signed to the Riot’s Moba so that in some future they can get some aspect that are resembled.


Who better for paper? An innocent girl with uncontrolled powers ready to destroy everything that crosses her. Although eleven does not have a personality as dark as Annie’s, she was not always like that, because at the beginning of the first season she was very destructive and only changed thanks to the support she received from her friends, who welcomed her. Annie did not have the same fate and she is one of the most fearsome demons of the entire invoker crack 10 years later.


A huge and abnormal mouth? A huge hunger? Who better to represent the demagorgon than Kog’Maw? While the champion is not necessarily a furious force, he is extremely dangerous and of wild nature. Just as the emptiness in Runaterra is mysterious, unexplored and full of unknown creatures, and in the series, the other side has the same premise. Of course, the demoggon does not seem to implode when he dies as our favorite League of Legends bug does.


The two were born in a rich family and were spoiled by their parents. Both have a gift for research: Nancy is a cream journalist and Caitlyn has proven to be quite brave and courageous in another Netflix series, Arcane. Despite not being a professional shooter like Lol’s champion, Nancy Wheeler has proven to have weapons in her house and not be afraid of using them, although that could be blamed for almost any American near the age of majority.

The Dustin-Yuumi cat

The two are cats… They are cute and elegant like any feline… and Yuumi would probably would be devoured by a demagorgon (or by any of us if we make it disappear from the game). We don’t have another feline more suitable for paper, right? After all, it is difficult to imagine that rengoing is persecuted by the creature and that the opposite happens.


Spoiler alert in case you have not seen the first part of the fourth season… Show Both are human that have been corrupted with power and have the habit of collecting the essence of people (call soul or soul mind). Thresh is not a threat at the cosmic level, as something colossal of the vacuum, just like Negna is not as terrifying as the rankly.

Will Byers-Varus

Varus is a LGBT character and, although he has not officially confirmed in the series, Will has already given several clues about his affection for Mike. The fact that Varus is the union of a couple with a demon also unites them, since Will has never been the same since he spent time on the other side. Him’s connection with the razing is not over and we all know… right?

Reals-the vigilantes

Both vigilantes and vigilantes are threats at the planetary (or even cosmic) level. They are very volatile beings, who act in the shadows, walk between dimensions and have a gigantic power. Both control humans and have not yet been understood or measured, which makes the relationship very clear.

Steve Harrington-Ezreal

The two walk side by side with confusion, but what they do not lack is courage. Perhaps Ezreal is not heroic enough to save others, but certainly he is brave enough to travel through Runaterra in search of relics, facing all kinds of dangers. The same type of courage that show Steve when entering the water portal and several other moments of the series.

Jim Hopper-Braum

Both are generous and protective men with a giant heart. Just as Hopper intends to take care of all those around him, Braum, naturally with his shield, does the same. Of course, the mustache helps to link the two… Show or the fact that Hopper spent a lot of time in an icy region like Freljord. We are sure that if Braum meets a child without a family he would sympathize and raise him with great care.

number 8-le white

A murderous personality? Yes, number 8 has it. The power to create illusions? You can be sure that this is your specialty. Although Leblanc’s background is not well known, as well as her reasons, the magician is certainly similar to Stranger Things’s illusionist. Although she did not appear in the new season, 8 she has the fans of her anxiously waiting for her.


Rumble is not a great case like Heimerduringer, but surely he leaves nothing to wish with his gadgets. Although Dustin always improvises some great idea in the series, including the need for help at various times, his knowledge has saved his friends from his friends several times.


Max has the typical adolescent personality of whatever, dealing with an indifferent and annoying face in various situations, just like Vex. Despite this, both are very deep and go through several problems, learning to deal with their emotions and mental health. It can also be said that Max could be Seraphine just to keep the headphones on, so she could look like the champion she lives by and for music.



The problem is not gender but personality and both Zeri and Mike have a very strong sense of group and union. Mike is one of the forces that keep the group together in the middle of friction and Zeri is one of the warriors fighting for her community in Zaun.


Lucas has already proven to be quite heroic in the series, but it seems that he is more alone on his way, just like Ekko. Although I would like to say that he could be lucian for the love of his beloved (Max), he is more like Zaun’s young genius, acting well with his group, but without getting too involved.


Jonathan is not exactly a swordsman like Yasuo, but he has many similarities. His tendency to the isolation of him (even in a relationship with Nancy), a complicated relationship with a rather dark brother, problems with those who took care of him and a constant search for balance make him a tract personality of the Lord of the Lord of Tornaditos.


Both are openly LGBT characters, but that is just a secondary factor. Robin seems to be a person at the same time innocent and intuitive, like our chameleon. In addition, Neeko can get out of any squeeze in the most creative forms, just like Robin.


Joyce proved to be a warrior woman. When everyone thought she was crazy, she simply ignored the crowd and followed her intuition with fervor. Show She even went to Russia without guarantees and faced a series of challenges to see her dear Hopper… just as she faces a world of obstacles to find Jinx once and for all. She also coincides with Jinx’s position, since he does not hit her head and the pot goes over again.


Murray is not of the explosive type, but it is definitely of the crazy guy, and in that he and Ziggs have much in common. Yordle also tends to act within the law and is not afraid to get into trouble. Although they are not the same type of crazy, they are still similar in terms of getting into trouble.


Bajita, intrepid, natural, intelligent and intimidating leader. Poppy and Erica have a lot in common. Despite their sizes, both make a presence in their worlds and are quite similar when kicking rear and having a huge personality.


Silco is not in the universe of the game itself, but he has made his presence in Arcane and who better than him to be the crazy scientist? His difficult relationship with Jinx reflects Brenner and Eleven’s relationship. The consequences of his actions have also led his adoptive daughters to cause great ravages, but in the end they both want the best for them (or we want to believe).

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