[Todays Steam] Monheon Rise Sun Brake, ranked 6th in Steam

Monster Hunter Rise (hereinafter referred to as Monheon Rise) is seeing the effect of the expansion pack.

On the 4th, Monheon Rise surpassed 200,000 walls, recording 231,360 in Steam Day’s highest concurrent users. This is over 130,000 records before the expansion pack. At the same time, he is ranked sixth and is closely chasing behind Lost Arc, which was connected by 25,128 people.

This is due to the release of Monheon Rise’s large-scale expansion pack ‘Sun Brake’, which was released on June 30. Sunbreak has been a hot topic before its release with expansion packs such as Danbi for fans who have been thirsty with the lack of content in the main story. The expansion pack contains a new monster with a monster in Western legends and a variety of representative monsters.

However, Sun Brake had a problem that some users suffered from crash problems that occurred on the PC version immediately after the launch. For this reason, it was in trouble with the evaluation of complex (63% positive) and influenced by the game evaluation. In this regard, the crew improved the situation by guiding the solution through the Monheon Rise Steam announcement on the 2nd. As the stumbling blocks are removed, it is noteworthy how far the Monheon Rise, which enjoys the expansion pack release, will rise.


In addition, in the top 20 of Steam Day, TOP 20, Stadu Valley recorded 54,397, 19th, and Seed Meyer’s civilization 6 recorded 53,002 people.

Steam Global’s top sales TOP rankings were released on the 2nd, ‘F1 22’, and Monheon Rise Sun Brake ranked third. In addition to this, a number of games that were driven by Steam Summer Sale have made a name. Raddy Owat, which is 10% off, ranked fourth, and Red Dead Redemption 2, which is 50% off, ranked 5th. Subsequently, 33% discount, with the 6th place in the project, and V-Rising, which is 10% off, ranked 7th.

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