When is the Farming Sim ‘Isoncuary’ content of FFXIV the content of FFXIV? Answered

FFXIV fans have been eager to know when the new one will arrive The function similar to an Island Sanctuary agriculture simulator appears in the game, and Square Enix has finally provided more details. Here you have everything we know so far about the release date of this content for a Final Fantasy XIV player that will allow you to install on your own island.

Ffxiv Isand Sanctuary Release date

The Content of Isand Sanctuary will be launched in update 6.25, which will probably arrive in September.

Although an accurate date has not been announced, update 6.2 is confirmed by the end of August and its subractualization 6.25 will arrive shortly after.

What is new in the sanctuary of the island of FFXIV?


The Island Sanctuary function will allow you to take possession of a full-instant island and use it as your private agricultural simulator.

You can collect specific materials from the island and have a dedicated inventory. Then you can use these materials to create things that will help you collect more effectively.

You can grow from dedicated seeds, capture several creatures and care for them, including unique animals and diverse color variations. Each animal can be named.

You can build your own operations base, customize your appearance and unlock tools for later development. Then you can free your henchmen and let them wander freely.

There is also a commercial element, since you can create handicrafts that you can then export and sell in exchange for the specific currency of the island to the NPC. The won currency can be used to buy specific rewards.

Of course, you can also use the island simply to socialize, inviting friends and members of the company for free to visit it.

For now, this is all you need to know about FFXIV Islandary function and its launch date . The wait for the content of the Final Fantasy XIV agriculture simulator will not be long.

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