Course Dotz, Chosun Fantasy Mystery Game Building Yadam: Paldo Dog Rok iOS launch

Indie Game Developer Cos Dotz announced that it has officially launched the Chosun Fantasy Mystery Game at the Apple App Store on the 30th.

is a mystery story game planned and developed by Cos Dotz, a game developer in Korean history. In the 16th-century Chosun of the virtual 16th-century Joseon, the Dosa Detective ‘Jung Dosa’ and the elite military officer Cho ‘Cho-gun’ depicted various cases of traveling through the 8 degrees of Joseon.

The player must play a total of four reasoning episodes from the traditional tales of Joseon and the military from the point of view of Chung Dosa and the military officer.

Kim Hoe-min, CEO of Course Dotz, said, The claim: Paldo Gukrok is a game that has never been before combining Korean traditional tales, monsters, and reasoning.

Meanwhile, was officially released on the Google Play Store on May 31, and game downloads are available through the mobile store page (Android, iOS). Related information can be found on the official website **.

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