Hive self -made game Indary Island with BTS first line on the 28th

[Inder Island Park Ye-jin reporter] ‘BTS’ agency Hive (CEO Park Ji-won) is launching, developing, and publishing, and the game ‘with BTS’ is a day before the launch.

Inder Island with BTS is the first game to establish and promote ‘Hive IM (IM)’, a separate subsidiary. It is a mobile 3-match puzzle genre based on the second minimal BTS character, and will be released at the same time through the Google Play and the Apple App Store on the 28th. Bulletproof Boy Scouts, who drifted on their boats on vacation together, arrived at a remote island with the help of whales.

Users can use various items around the puzzle play to decorate BTS characters and islands.

BTS participated in the production by projecting ideas directly throughout the BTS with Inder Island. It is known to have made ideas throughout the game title, logo, character design, and OST, which is used as a background music in the game.

In particular, Hive IM has released this game development participation process through 4 episodes through the entertainment content ‘BTS Game Developer!’ In this contents, you can see that the members of the actual games are reflected in the actual game, such as activities that members want to do in free time, pets that they want to grow on the island, and preferred fashion and hairstyles.

Founded in March, Hive IM is a dedicated organization dedicated to Hive’s interactive media business and consists of 90 professional crews from industry, movies, and music. Hive acquired the rhythm game developer Superbi as a subsidiary in 2019, and merged with the merger last year to incorporate the development personnel.

Starting with the BTS with Inder Island, it is expected to strengthen the game that can expand the artist message in the future and develop meta bus content in earnest.

Park Ji-won, CEO of Hive, said in the first quarter earnings presentation, It is a blessing to be with BTS, and we plan to focus on supporting the capacity of BTS without stopping. I will help the journey from the end.

Meanwhile, there are a number of third-party games using BTS IP. Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) is also developing a rhythm and housing genre game called ‘BTS Dream: Tinitan House’. BTS performance director participated, and there will be elements that can be interacted with seven Tinitan members. Netmarble is currently serving the storytelling-type development game ‘BTS World’ and the story social game ‘BTS Universe Story’.

NT Games (CEO Lee Ho-dae) is also developing casual genre ‘Tinitown’ (tentative name) and is expected to be serviced by Wemade subsidiary.

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