Dofus: cape and also crown wa wabbit, where as well as exactly how to drop the panoply of wa on temporis 7?

Certain possibilities are available to you if you reach level 60 on temporis 7. And if you desire to get the Dofus Cawotte on Dofus, the Wabbit’s panoply will be your choice of preferred. For this version, his drop is not so challenging, so make the most of this famous panoply!

Where Drop the panoply of WA WABBIT on Temporis 7?


Also if it can be made use of in your primary stuff, the main rate of interest of the WA Wabbit panoply is to open up accessibility to the WABBIT burrow along with the possibility of obtaining the Dofus Cawotte. Having it immediately is important, specifically given that this moment, its getting is truly basic.

Fouflay dropped 5.09%, Kanniboul Tam 5.09%, Foufayteur 5.09%.

WA WABBIT 5.09%, lemon jelly 5.09%.

All products are acquired by the drop.


Whether for its incentive or simply for accessibility to the Dofus Cawotte, the Wabbit’s panoply is a Essential at this level. It will bring you everything you require to appreciate your modified.

Drop .



Dragoeuf Charbon 5.09%, Dragnostik the skeptic 5.09%, split 5.09%.

If you get to level 60 on temporis 7, certain possibilities are available to you. And also if you want to obtain the Dofus Cawotte on Dofus, the Wabbit’s panoply will be your selection of favorite. For this version, his drop is not so tough, so take full advantage of this epic panoply!

All Dofus Thing goes down on temporis 7.

Short-term servers return for the summer season of 2022 with Osatopia! All things are acquired by the drop. Modified too, but with some exceptions!

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