Final Fantasy XVI: Thats why Naoki Yoshida turned down the position of Director

Ultimately, there was no time to cover the article of supervisor when working with Final Fantasy XVI.

Today Square Enix ‘Naoki Yoshida developed into a popular conversation partner and talked thoroughly in different interviews regarding his new project Final Fantasy XVI.

In discussion with the Japanese Dengeki, Yoshida handled his work as a manufacturer of the ambitious parlor game and described why he also does not serve as a director of Final Fantasy XVI. A choice that Yoshida consciously made according to his own information, considering that he was fully made use of with his message as a producer of Final Fantasy XVI as well as his leading setting in the additional development of Final Fantasy XIV.

Yoshida justifies his choice

I am currently the manufacturer of Final Fantasy XIV and I can likewise be the Supervisor of Final Fantasy XVI at the exact same time, included Yoshida. Yoshida Yosuke Matsuda, the Head Of State of Square Enix, recommended to mount Hiroshi Takai as well as Kazutoyo Maehiro as supervisors of the role-playing game.

Yoshida continues: Actually, I’m an optimist as well as get along well. The director has to respond to all inquiries about the game itself as well as choose every little thing on his own..

Additional records on Final Fantasy XVI :

Final Fantasy XVI will certainly be launched for PlayStation 5 in the program of the coming year.

Yoshida proceeds: In fact, I’m an optimist and also get along well. If there is a trouble in developing a game, it is due to the Director to treat it-regardless of the linked effort. I am already the producer of Final Fantasy XIV and I can also be the Director of Final Fantasy XVI at the same time, included Yoshida. Yoshida Yosuke Matsuda, the President of Square Enix, suggested to set up Hiroshi Takai as well as Kazutoyo Maehiro as directors of the role-playing video game.

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