[Steam Summer Sale] What did everyone buy? Check out 15 popular titles by genre!

Now this year has started STEAM Summer Sale ! What kind of game did you buy immediately at the long-awaited festival that all the Steam users have been waiting for?

Therefore, at this time, about a day after the start of the sale, the data was aggregated about the five genres selected by the person in charge. I would like to introduce each TOP3!

Open World

■ Rust

Everyone loves naked hardcore survival Rust appears at the top of the open world. This work is an open world survival game aimed at just survive . However, the difficulty of surviving is high, and players must survive from their own items or even clothes. Recently, the distributor-only Strreaker bar has gained popularity, and it has been on Twitter trends while being released in 2018. However, Nora mackerel is a weak meat. When playing, invite your friends or check the information in advance.

■ Raft


On June 21, 2022, the open world survival craft game Raft , which finally reached the official release, ranked second. ** The stage of this work continues forever. When the game starts, the player starts from the top of a squid made of just four squares, picks up wood, grass, plastic, etc. that flows through the sea, and upgrade the squid and tools. The official release also adds the final chapter of the story. In addition, new enemies, destinations, and new survivors with customizable costumes are implemented.

■ v Rising

Despite the indie game, the maximum simultaneous number of simultaneous connections is over 150,000 , and the current interchange has been recorded more than 10,000 people, v Rising **. This work is a topical work that just started early access on May 17, 2022. The player struggles with the NPCs and other players in search of the materials and skills needed for craft, and the indispensable blood for craft, and the indispensable blood to survive while operating the vampire. Cooperation play and PVP are the main mode of this work, but single play is also possible.


■ Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

This work is Dark Fantasy Metroidvania , which has gained overwhelmingly popular. Set in a ruined world, the end of the country, where the unstoppable death of the unstoppable death to turn people to undead, the hero, Lily, who wakes up from a long sleep, unravels the mystery of the kingdom that has been destroyed with an immortal knight. In addition, the songs of this work are handled by MILI, which is known for providing songs for DEEMO and Goblin Slayer.


The 2D dot action Dead Cells , which has established Rogvania **, which combines rogue light and metroidvania, is half price at the summer sale. While the map that keeps changing and loses everything when you die, you will explore on your own route and aim for the stage. Hakusura elements and soul-like battles have been evaluated, and multiple large DLCs have been distributed to date.

■ Hollow Knight

This work is a very difficult ** action adventure contrary to the cute appearance of handwritten style. Players will interact with a little unusual mushrooms and adventure in the vast world consisting of cave, ancient cities, and dangerous wastes. Various new actions can be learned during the adventure. Wearing a charm, a power-up item, gives you a unique ability and creates your own play style. In addition, the sequel with Hornet, which was also standing as a boss in this work, has been decided to be distributed.



Released in 1997 FINAL FANTASY VII remake work FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE ** was completed at the Epic Games store, and distribution was started on STEAM on June 17, 2022. 。 This work adds a new episode to FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, which adds the original element to the original until the escape from Midgal. In addition, it can be played at a higher resolution and frame rate, and a photo mode that allows you to share your favorite scenes is implemented.

■ Monster Hunter Rise

A popular hunting action RPG with a new action using a special insect Sho Mushi and a remake map of the past work appears. In this work, we will confront the first disaster Hyakuryu Night in 50 years as a hunter, set in the Japanese-style village Kamura no Sato. Hyakuryu Night appears as the first tower defense quest in the series. A new quest that defends the base while intercepting a large number of large monsters approaching each wave. Also, on June 30, 2022, super-large expansion content Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break is also scheduled.

■ Tales of Arise

This work was developed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Tales of series, and was the fastest in ** series in the history of the world, surpassed 1 million units of the world. In addition, it has been awarded the Best Role Playing Game of The Game Awards 2021 and has been recognized not only in Japan but also in the world. The official genre is RPG that tells the dawn of the heart, and a story that shakes the fate of two stars by meeting a youth of an iron mask that does not feel pain and a girl who gives severe pain to the touch.

rhythm game

■ Hatsune Miku Project Diva Mega39’s+

In the rhythm game genre, the latest work starring Hatsune Miku ranks the top. This work is distributed as a total of 101 songs included in Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA39’s released for Nintendo Switch in 2020, and download content Additional song pack 1st ~ 11th, Theme Pack, and SEGA Pack. Includes a total of 178 songs of 77 songs. In addition, Hatsune Miku’s ** modules (costume) 400 or more are recorded, and the title is a large volume.


This work is the latest work of the DJMAX series, which has gained popularity worldwide. Not only famous songs in the past work, but also more than 300 songs such as world-famous popular artists DJ Marshmello and Porter Robinson. The online mode is also substantial, and in AIR mode, the songs are played randomly, and other players can play or enter it yourself. You can also enjoy scoring games between players and use this work as a BGM for work.

■ Muse Dash

A 2nd lane-type rhythm game developed by Peropero and sold by HASUHASU is ranked. This work is a work that combines horizontal scrolling run action and rhythm game. Hit the enemy that looks like a notes according to the rhythm, and sometimes proceed while avoiding obstacles. One of the features is cute and pop characters. You can enjoy a rhythm game while watching a slimy moving girl wearing various costumes. In addition, Summer sale can be purchased for 64 yen .


■ Dead by Daylight

Currently, the 6th anniversary event is being held as an asymmetric multiplayer horror DEAD BY Daylight is being distributed for 60 % OFF for 792 yen . This work is a popular survival horror game that is divided into one killer and four survivors. The other day, original new killers and survivors, and new maps have just been added, and the next between chapters is also planned to rewake 39 popular parks, including ruin and dead hard.


This work is a new title by Tango Gameworks led by Shinji Mikami, known for the Resident Evil series. The stage is Tokyo, where people have disappeared due to the paranormal phenomenon caused by the occultist who claims to be Hannya. The protagonist, Akihito, is acquiring a number of powerful abilities, confronting youkai and ghosts, and challenging a big mystery lurking in the incident. Delivered at the lowest price of 50 % off at summer sale . In addition, a free visual novel that allows you to experience the previous day until the story of the main story is also distributed.

■ phasmophobia

This work is a horror game ** that aims to identify the mystery by going to a property where the psychic phenomenon occurs. It supports up to four powerful plays, and uses various survey items to identify the mystery in a situation where life is exposed. It is a mental horror with a scary atmosphere rather than a surprise system, and the fear of not knowing when it will be attacked is the charm of this work. In recent updates, three new ghosts have been added.

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