Final Fantasy XVI will be the first main game of the franchise with a rating for adults

Recently, the producer of Final Fantasy XVI, Naoki Yoshida has given an interview to various publishers, revealing many details about one of the most anticipated RPG. We already know that there will be no open world in the game, the companions will be controlled by AI, and the combat system was created using the Kingdom Hearts team. Now Yoshida said that the sixteenth part would be intended for an adult audience.


In an interview with the Gamespot portal, the producer said that the developer team is not going to limit themselves to the ratings of teenagers or for all (EVERYOO). Therefore, the Final Fantasy XVI will be intended only for adults (mature).

This decision indicates that the Final Fantasy XVI will be the first main play in the franchise with such a rating, which indicates a gloomy atmosphere compared to the previous main games of the series. And even if you look towards the branches (spin-offs), only the Final Fantasy Type-0 and Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin can boast of such a rating.

The release of Final Fantasy XVI will be held in the summer of 2023 at the PlayStation 5. Earlier, Yoshida said that the new trailer and details about the lore and the plot of the game will be represented this fall.

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