How to change the display monitor in Final Fantasy VII REMAKE

The output of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on a PC is a pleasure at several levels. Not only is the former exclusive game for PlayStation 4 is a skillfully created game, those who liked the original 1997 may enjoy absurd nostalgia. However, loading for the first time can lead to problems with players with several monitors. Namely, why is it on the wrong monitor and how to fix it?

How to change the screen in Final Fantasy VII REMAKE

Bezing, Square Enix decided not to add the possibility of changing the main monitor to the game. Fortunately, Windows has a quick and simple solution. When clicking Shift+Windows+Verkhno or correct , players can move the Final Fantasy VII Remake window between monitors. It will also work for any selected application or game!


This is a small problem, but it will annoy anyone who prefers to play in their games on a certain monitor. Usually such problems can be solved in the game menu, but Square Enix decided that players do not need this parameter of the quality of life. Well.

Having correctly set up the monitor, players will be able to plunge again into the magical world of Midgar and his unforgettable characters. Beginners in this series are definitely awaiting pleasure. Not only is the game one of the best games of the previous generation, it also has many auxiliary content that you can enjoy.

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