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Chivalry 2 rewards players who find time to master the fundamental mechanics of the game. In this Chivalry 2 battle guide, we will show you tidbits that you absolutely need to know to master the game.

Knighting 2 combat advice

The battle in Chivalry 2 is to know when to strike, and know when to press the right mouse button to fend off the approaching attack. The correct combination of attack and defense will provide you with the victory in most battles one on one.

However, if you are mistaken even with one retorting and/or ultimately lose all your endurance, it will not be easy for you to go out in the first place.

If you feel that your opponent can be too decent in his parries. Perhaps you will want to use a rather inconvenient and rude blow in the face to break their protection. As soon as they get out of balance, you can bring down a flurry of strokes on them.

Knighting is not only an attack, but your defense should also be excellent. However, before investing all your energy in the parrying, remember that if the parrying depleted the endurance of your enemy, it depletes yours. As soon as all your endurance is exhausted, you will find that you are running around the battlefield without weapons.

The enemy’s movement can also be counteracted by copying his exact type of attack, which can be chopping, stunning or blow from above. In addition, you can move back to the left, right and bend to evade the attack.

A return blow is a type of active parrying. Active parrying makes you automatically fend off the attacks that come from your field of view. For example, you are in situation 1 to 2 and make a response against one guy. During a risk, you will fend off the attacks of another enemy and inflict damage.

As soon as you finish the development of individual movements, you can begin to land combo. The trick in the execution of the combo is that you begin your next move before your first move is completed. You can also rush at your enemy and attack him with the so-called sprint attack.

Try for free for everyone

It is important that you try the game mode Each for yourself before moving on to any regime focused on achieving goals. Free-for-all allows you to weave your skills one on one with different enemies. Continue to fight to hone the art of owning a sword, and as soon as you master it, forward and conquer the battlefields of your blade with a blade with a blade!

Know your enemy

There are four classes in the game; Archer, avant-garde, infantryman and knight. These classes have additional subclasses that provide players with the opportunity to try their hand.

Each class is determined by its unique battle style and a place in battle. Classes and subclasses have a special ability that can provide decisive assistance in battle, for example, a horn or a banner that gives you a healing ability that heals everyone in a team next to you.

It is very important to know the strengths and weaknesses of your enemy. Many types of knightly weapons cause great damage to enemies.

For example, Vanguard Dane ax applies 30% more damage to knights and 21% to infantrymen. You can use this weapon in your interests even better if you can identify each class of Chivalry 2.

The best way to identify enemies in Chivalry 2 is to study their weapons. Two-handed weapons are usually used by the vanguard or knight. If they wear heavy armor, then they are most likely knights. If they use shaft weapons, then they are infantrymen.

positioning is the key

CHIVALRY 2 battles can be crowded. Although this allows you to gain the maximum number of murders, it can also be a little dangerous. You can drive your enemies into a corner and distract them to defeat them, but it is likely that this will happen to you.


You can only dodge and resist the movements of the enemies that are in front of you. If you allow them to surround you, they will attack from all sides. Try to stay at one end of the battle. However, you can use this strategy in your interests. If you see that the enemy is distracted and is far from your team, surround him with your teammates and kill him.

Positioning is of key importance, so make sure that you are in the most profitable place so that the battle is in your favor.

Avoid Team Killing, follow your blade

Sometimes during the battle you can unintentively hit your teammates and friends. You should avoid this error at all costs, as it can punish you, and points will also be excluded from your account. Fighting shoulder to shoulder with enemies, avoid chopping blows at all costs.

aim, install and throw it!

Weapon throwing is an important part of the battle in the game. You can press G to throw weapons or items in Chivalry 2. This is an effective strategy when combating enemies who are trying to escape from you. You can also throw items into vulnerable players at a distance.

The subclass of the infantryman has several interesting objects, such as darts and throwing axes, as the main weapon that you can throw. If your stars have not agreed, then try to be a nine-year-old child and start throwing any throwing items that you can find.

You can throw knives, pots with butter and even the main and additional weapons. After you rolled the tantrum and you have nothing left, start lifting the weapon from the ground and also start throwing it.

You can block attacks, but remember that this can cost you endurance. When your endurance is depleted, you can lose weapons and remain defenseless. Fortunately, when your weapon is lost, you can take it from the vanquished players.

You can use anything as a weapon in battle. Barrels and stones can also be used as a weapon after a throw, weapons of fire ballists can also be selected, and even the fallen limbs of the players can be used as a weapon.

Team Work makes the dream work

In the matches Everyone Against all, where each player for himself, you can act as an irrepressible murder machine. On the other hand, most matches are team games.

Sometimes for victory it is necessary to complete the stage of the combat mission, and not have a large ratio of murders and deaths. In other words, sometimes sacrifices are required for the sake of the common good of the team.

Use a pot with butter

If you plan to fry your opponents to death, pots with butter can become your best weapon.

To use a pot with butter, you need to completely replenish the scale of special abilities. Then the oil pot can be equipped by pressing 4 for computer gamers and the down key on the cross for console gamers.

Keep the pot with butter in your hand, throw it using either the G button on the keyboard or the side buttons on the gamepad. Then he will light the fire in about 15 exploits from you.

Pots with butter can only use knights and avant-garde. For knights, you need to unlock their crusader subclass in order to gain access to this ability.

Use food food for treatment

A fight with an empty stomach can sometimes be quite complicated. Thus, Chivalry 2 also allows you to feed your soldiers.

During the battle, you will collect a lot of food. Food in Chivalry 2 can be used to replenish health or cause damage to enemies by throwing it.

You can eat food by equipping it, and then twice pressing X on Xbox, twice pressing Square on the PlayStation and pressing C to PC.

heavy attacks and jabs

Jabes are really quick blows that are really good for interrupting attacks or performing a combo for a computer chain. Blows inflict minimal damage depending on the weapon or shield used. You can make a feint in Jeb and vice versa. You can hit the fearing enemy who will stun him by breaking the defense.

All light attacks that you can do can be turned into heavy attacks. Heavy attacks are more slow, but unpaid attacks that can be useful when you are trying to kill enemies. It can be interrupted with a simple easy attack, even a jab, if you correctly calculate the time, so you may have to calculate the time of your attacks depending on the situation.

Severe attacks consume a lot of endurance depending on how much you spam them.

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