Divol Buddy Durit, Netflix Gigg Week 2022

-Local time June 10 at 10:00 am (Korea Time on June 11th 3:00 am) Netflix Geeked Week Event

-The genre is expected to gradually expand from games close to mini games to urban construction simulators

-The new area of indie game publishing through the global platform


Global Indie Game Publisher Divol Buddy Hair unveiled three games that will be serviced through Netflix at Netflix at Netflix’s game event Gige Week 2022 on June 10 at 10 am on June 10th (3:00 am Korea Time) on June 10th. The first game to be released is Point, and at the end of this year, we will release a new work in the Rains series, which allows you to enjoy endless stories only on quantum tags.

| Ojiro fumoto |

It is a platform game that crushes the fruits from the downwell’s new work as a new work of Humoto and makes juice and climbs the map while feeding the hungry monster. You have to climb a cave full of fruits to avoid the beasts from the floor. Jump up the stages of randomly generated height, collect all the delicious fruits that the beast wants, and then pound the ground to juice.

| Nerial |

Netflix’s new Netflix service, which has recently been famous for its recent cardshacks. Inspired by the Greater Three Kingdoms Delay in China, Raines: Three Kingdoms Delayed the players in the late years of the Han Dynasty.

There will be a lot of factions, wars, and epic heroes, including negotiations, wiping the way, marriage to strengthen alliances, and betraying to gain more power. We will be able to enjoy the unique sweeping system of Raines, revealing many secrets such as a vast plot and unexpected mini games.

| Free Lives | 2023 |

Terra Neil, the development of free lives, is a city-based game with the theme of ecosystem reconstruction. The player must change the poor wasteland into an ecological heaven full of various plants and fauna. After completing the ecological heaven, you can pack your luggage and move it. Terra Neil deals with the story of restoring a desolate environment, not to develop the city.

The above games that will be serviced through Netflix contain memberships, so you can download and play immediately if they are maintained. It is serviced in the form of no additional in-app payment or advertising.

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