La Industria del Gaming is seeking psychologists and historians

As the video game industry grows, a much greater area of opportunities is opening, which does not directly imply being a developer for a title. Because they are currently looking for other types of positions that would perhaps be considered outside the business, these would be both psychologists and historians.


An example of the clearest comes from Guillermo Vizcaíno, former Mexican study worker known as canvas, a company that has currently released its most recent project for consoles and PC. Who says that they do not necessarily have to have a linked curriculum of everything to video games, but that their position can meet the needs of the study.

Another example that can be used is that of the game Mictlán, which is being developed by Meta Studios, and is being based quite accurately on the civilizations that once inhabited the region. But to obtain the current results, they had to consult with some archaeologists and historians a lot of sustainable information.

For their part, large studies have also had to do deep research so as not to publicize erroneous events, a proof of this is Ubisoft with the Assassin Creed franchise. Leaning on bibliographies of different historians to recreate certain buildings, this goes from France, England, China, even the Egyptian pyramids.

Editor’s note : Without a doubt, today the opportunities in the industry are opening more and more, something that will grow much more to the community and therefore the market will continue to be one of the most lucrative in the entertainment area.

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