Phil Spencer believes the most recent state of play

Yesterday it was quite incredible for the public of Playstation, since a new state of play was celebrated, with incredible ads such as the remake of resident evil 4 and even the gameplay of Final Fantasy XVI. The event became so great that many users commented on this, even the president of Xbox gave his comment about it.

According to his words through a tweet, Phil Spencer confessed to having excited himself with the State of play, because this means the beginning of great events that will occur during the course of June. To this he adds that the Summer Game Fest is at all starting, and of course, their greatest hopes has them in xbox and bethesda showcase.

Here the tweet of him:

Here the translation of his message:


I love this time of year. The teams working to excite the players. #Stateofplay had a great start yesterday, I really want #summeramefest and obviously excited by #xboxbethesda Showcase. It is energizing to see all the enthusiasm in our industry and for the art that are the games.

With this message, it is obvious that the interest of _Phil Spencer is noted for the return of great industry events, here the own e3 is included that is mentioned will return with all force next force the next force year. In addition, other famous exhibitions will return, among them we have the Gamescom, which promises innovative ads for everyone.

Remember that the conference of xbox will take place on June 12.

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