Finally, I was confirmed on June 20, Umamusume domestic service

Umamusume, which announced its launch in the first half of this year, will start on June 20.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby - Как в это играть? И гайд по реролу

Umamus Me is a mobile development game developed by Cy Games, and competes with the goal of fostering characters with real race horses and winning the race.

The game has surpassed 14 million downloads as of April this year, about a year after its launch in Japan in February last year, and ranked No. 1 in Twitter world trends. In addition, it attracted a lot of attention before its launch in Korea beyond Japan.

The domestic service was directed by Kakao Games, and the celebration video of the performers who added vividness to the character with the announcement of the launch schedule. In the video, Waki Azumi of ‘Special Week’, Kono Marika in ‘Silence Suzuka’, and MACHICO in ‘Tokai Teo’ participated, and the message about each character and the release of Korea.

In the pre-booking of Korea, which was held on April 26, 1 million people participated in 10 days, and from May 30, the Apple App Store pre-order and Google Play pre-registration.

More information can be found on the Umamus Me Brand page.

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