The fourth season of The Mandalorian is already in development

Mandalorian Season 4 Is Already In Development, Confirms Jon Favreau
Although the third season of The Mandalorian will arrive until February 2023, Jon Favreau, writer of this series, is already working on the fourth season of this show. The adventures of Din Djarin and Grogu are far from an end.

During an interview with Cinema Blend, this in the framework of Star Wars Celebration, Favreau mentioned that while Dave Filoni is working in the ahsoka series, He is in charge of the script of the fourth season of the mandalorian is available without some setback . This was what he mentioned:

“With television, we are very lucky not to have to hurry things in an hour and a half, two hours. We can tell stories slowly. So now, like Dave [Philoni] he is doing Ahsoka, he is informing that I am doing the script for the fourth season [of The Mandalorian]. It turns, how should I say, more precise. ”

What will happen in the fourth season of the mandalorian? It is still very, very soon to have an answer. Considering that the third season of the series will be available on Disney+ in February 2023, Surely see the quarter of this adventure until 2024 . Therefore, no more series are ruled out to complement the history underway.

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Editor’s note:

It was obvious that Disney was not going to leave his gold mine leave so fast. However, it is strange that a new season A, minimum, two years that it is available for the entire public is confirmed. Now we just have to wait long before we have more information about this production.

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