Lost Gallery Game Clockwork Aquario during food catering

Westone Bit, the previous developers of the Wonder Boy collection, terminated a project called Clockwork Aquario. It was under growth for games while 3D as well as fight video games began to take off, which brought about the reductions of the task in 1992. Currently the game is being restored for an outing on modern-day consoles.

Clockwork Aquario - Westone's Lost Game Finally Released
It has solid Wonder Boy resonances, there are 2 different usable personalities, as well as it looks really tasty. Past that, we really hope to learn more before Clockwork Aquario made its method to contemporary consoles later this year.

The issue is that the documents recovered are incomplete. In fact, particular aspects, such as sound, songs and particular graphics, are most definitely lost. To this end, UNE Games has recruited as lots of participants of the development group as possible in order to consistently recreate this forgotten classic. Even Ryuichi Nishizawa, the director of the old Wonder Child collection, is on board.

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