It seems that Norman Reedus confirmed Death Stranding 2

_ Death Stranding It reached the market in 2019, positioning itself as one of the best games in the entire PS4 generation. Since then, Kojima Productions, the developers, have remained silent about their next project. However, it seems that Norman Reedus , an actor who plays Sam Porter Bridges, the protagonist of Hideo Kojima’s most recent work, has confirmed that a sequel to this title is already in development .

In a recent interview with the Leo Edit media, Reedus was interviewed on his career. It was here that the actor was questioned about death stranding. In a quite casual way, the person responsible for Sam mentioned that a sequel to the first job of Kojima Productions is already in development . This was what he commented:

“We just started the second.”

When questioned about his participation in death stranding, Reedus revealed that it was Guillermo del Toro who convinced him to participate in this project , and then mentioned:

“It took me for two or three years to finish all the Mocap and everything sessions. A lot of work is needed. And then the game came out, and simply won all these awards, and it was something huge, so we started the second part of that. ”

In the interview, Reedus does not mention the development of the game, so he is probably referring to the capture of movement for the sequel. Considering that the original work took him two to three years, This means that there is still a long time before death stranding 2 reaches our hands.

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In the same way, It is important to mention that neither Kojima Productions or Hideo Kojima have confirmed the existence of _death stranding 2, for the existence of this sequel could be considered a filtration by the main actor. In related issues, these are the previous statements of Norman Reedus about this sequel. Similarly, here you can check our review of death stranding director’s cut.

Editor’s note:

As much as I loved death stranding, the idea of a sequel starring Sam is something that has no excited. The story of this character reached a good ending, and bringing it back could be more complicated than thought. It would be better to create something new in this universe.

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