The Last of Unsider makes fun of a great new game

We know that Naughty Dog is working in three games, one of which is a multiplayer experience for the last of us part 2_, or at least it began. According to a new report, the project has become something much larger than initially planned, which perhaps explains why two years have passed since the launch of the last of us part 2_ However, we have not seen anything about this mysterious draft.

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The latest rumors come from Jeff Grubb, an industry journalist, privileged and filter information. According to Grubb, it is unlikely that the experience that Naughty Dog originally imagined was launched because the project has become a much larger experience. Unfortunately, Grubb does not immerse himself in any detail. All he said is that PlayStation fans should expect more than just the features of The Last of Us_ or a simple multiplayer update for the last of us part 2_.

Grubb is not the first source to share this information, but he is perhaps the most credible source so far. And if it serves something, it aligns with how little we have heard, which is that a large part of Naughty Dog is currently working on what will end up being an independent version. The last of us multiplayer experience.

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt. Everything here is not only unofficial, but even if these vague statements are precise, they are also subject to changes.

“Despite the last of us part II_ enjoy making the players feel uncomfortable and reminding them that the characters can lose everything in a moment, those bleak features are part of the attractiveness of the game, even if the charm is morbid,” reads In a fragment of our official review of The last of us part 2. «It is a monumental effort in the narrative and a model for revenge stories and repercussions promoted by a gratifying game, and although not everything you do well, the game never leads the players to believe that the result would be something different”.

As always, we will keep it informed as the situation progresses, either courtesy of Grubb or an additional source, or a comment by Naughty Dog or PlayStation.

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