More information about Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 will be revealed in June

2022 Not only marks the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy , but we also celebrate the 25th anniversary of final fantasy vii. In this way, many we look forward to new information related to the second part of the remake of the PS1 classic. Fortunately, Tetsuya Nomura has heard our prayers, and will share new information about this title next month.

Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 Might Be Announced Next Month

During a special presentation on final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, the Battle Royale for mobile phones of this universe, Nomura mentioned that Square Enix plans to reveal new information about final fantasy vii remake 2 next month . Although he did not share a specific date, it is likely to be during the Summer Game Fest of June when more details about this expected continuation will be known.

At the moment, of the little information we have regarding final fantasy remake 2 is that Naoki Hamaguchi, the co-director of the first part of this reimagination, now has the full position , this after Nomura assumed the Creative Director. Along with this, it has been mentioned that this continuation will make a great use of the PS5 dualsense.

This is not the only project of this level that will soon share new information. Naoki Yoshida, producer of final fantasy XVI has also mentioned that plans to reveal a trailer of this title in the future . Although this advance will not be available when the Summer Game Fest will be available is the most attractive option.

On related issues, Final Fantasy XV exceeds 10 million units. Similarly, the development of Final Fantasy XVI is almost over.

Editor’s note:

Considering that after Midgar, final Fantasy VII has a more open structure, it will be interesting to see how the remake will continue with the original plot, as well as the changes that were presented to us at the end of the first part. Is Aerith to die? We just have to wait and see.

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