Finally released for PS4/PS5 for the habit strong action RPG “Final Sword”. That problem work and graphics have evolved significantly

Hup Games seems to launch “ Final Sword ” for PS. The PS Store page is open, and according to the description, the release date is May 19. The compatible platform will be PS4/PS5. That topical work seems to evolve further.

“Final Sword” is a self -proclaimed real 3D open world action RPG. The hero’s young man travels to his adventure to the kingdom “Kingdom” to cure his mother’s illness. In 2019, “Final Sword Mobile Edition” for iOS/Android was released in 2019. The Nintendo Switch version was released on July 2, 2020. Immediately after the release of the Nintendo Switch version, tasteful graphics and games became a hot topic.

After that, the plagiarism was pointed out, and the delivery was temporarily suspended. After many twists and turns, it was distributed to Nintendo Switch in January 2021 as “Final Sword DefinitalEdition”, which is adjusted including song replacement. It was a title loved in a unique way, such as being popular with RTA.

Such “Final Sword” seems to be released on PS4/PS5. Details are unknown, but the concepts and synopsis of the game are the same as the Nintendo Switch/mobile version. On the other hand, the graphics seem to be greatly improved. The PS Store posted a screenshot of the PS4/PS5 version, and the resolution of the screenshot is 4K (3840 x 2160). The Nintendo Switch version of the screenshot in the Nintendo E Shop is 1368 x 770, so simply comparing the resolution is more than doubled.

In addition, the quality of models and textures is improved. The effects of dull expressions and dazzling expressions are also flashy. The background and the drawing of enemy monsters seem to be fine. Even if you look at it a little, you can see a lot of evolution. These expressions may be possible when playing on PS5.

PS version

In addition, I want to pay attention to the fact that the rating is changing again. The Nintendo Switch version was initially released as CERO B, but the redistributed version, “Final Sword Definitalization”, was released as 12+ of IARC rating. IARC is a rating that can be used all over the world with no cost compared to CERO. Now Iarc can be used in the PS Store, but the PS version has dared to introduce CERO rating, and seems to be designated as CERO B. The possible reason is that CERO is required to release the package version, but the intention is unknown. These invisible mysteries may also be the appeal of the developer Hup Games.

What kind of experiences will the PS user, “Final Sword”, which has evolved significantly? Everything will be revealed on May 19th.

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