Final Fantasy XV bought more than 10 million times

Why Final Fantasy XV Will Sell More Than 10 Million Copies (Lifetime!)

Square Enix reported that her Jrpg Final Fantasy XV has already sold 10 million copies around the world. This figure includes digital copies, and physical, as well as sales of Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition. The publishing house, however, did not name the exact numbers of sales according to various versions of the game, and the project, recall, is sold on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and personal computers. And Final Fantsy XV is on mobile devices in the form of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition.

Final Fantasy XV is also available in Xbox Game Pass on PCs and Consotes, but now we are talking exclusively about sold copies of the game, and launches from subscription are not taken into account. And do not forget that this game has an animated series and a full-length three-dimensional film, which will receive a 4K -orester in February 2022.

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