PS Plus: Hundreds of thousands of players say goodbye – Sony knows the reason

A setback for Sony: 600,000 Playstation players decided in the last quarter to end their PS Plus subscription. However, the group is not concerned – because the reason seems to be obvious.

PlayStation Plus loses subscribers

Many players have been dissatisfied with the selection of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers in the past few months. Does Sony get the receipt now? A new financial report shows that the number of paying Playstation Plus users has decreased compared to the last quarter .

While in the Q3 of the fiscal year in 2021 48 million players had subscribed to the online service, it was only 47.4 million in the last quarter- Around 600,000 customers have decided to cancel the subscription or let it expire (Source: Financial Report Sony).

In a question and answer round with the investors, CFO Hikori Totoki had to comment on this and had an explanation in stock for the falling subscription:

“The ‘Stay at Home’ requirement was a temporary factor, but after it has subsided, it seems to me that the high level of engagement was maintained. (…) In the medium term, I don’t see any big concerns for PS Plus. “

(Source: VGC)

In other words: The Corona crisis and the Lockdown measures have driven Sony’s PS Plus subscription numbers in the past . However, since the restrictions have now been largely lifted, the downward trend for the CFO is completely understandable.

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Sony builds PS Plus completely

In a few weeks the time has come- The Playstation Plus model will be changed and divided into three different stages : Essential, extra and premium.

While PS Plus offers the same scope for years, the subscriber has been given extra access to a PlayStation game library that they can use for free. This includes about 400 PS4 and PS5 games .

If you complete the premium subscription, you can also play 340 other games from the PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 era via console or PC. We have summarized all information about the new subscription for you in an overview.

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