NBA Playoffs: Dallas Mavericks disassemble Phoenix Suns in game 7 – Luka Doncic leads Mavs to historical disassembly and west

What a game 7! The Dallas Mavericks shot the Phoenix Suns out of the hall with an outstanding performance. Luka Doncic sets the tone early, on the other hand, the Suns stars are completely deregistered. With a 123:90 Blowout, the Mavs snap the ticket for the West final!

This duel between the Sun and Mavs will not be remembered due to a particularly close crime novel, but for a dismantling dismantling in this form. Dallas wiped the ground with the offensively completely devoured sun in halftime. Doncic led his colors onto the winning road early on.

In the end, the statisticians booked 35 points from the field and 6/11 from Downtown behind the name of the 23-year-old MAVS star. In addition, he grabbed 10 rebounds and distributed 4 assists. Spencer Dinwiddie (30, 11/15 FG) and Jalen Brunson (24, 11/19 FG) provided excellent support. Maxi glue came to 3 points and 4 rebounds at +20 in 21 minutes.

Luka Doncic Postgame Interview - Game 7 | Mavericks vs Suns | 2022 NBA Playoffs
The Texans sank a total of 56.8 percent of their attempts at the field, at the same time the Mavs Defense presented the best team of the regular season with enormous problems. Phoenix only hit 37.9 percent out of the field. Chris Paul (10 and 4 Assists, 4/8 FG), Devin Booker (11, 3/14 FG) and Deandre Ayton (5, 2/5) also got a raven black evening. With 12 points, Cam Johnson was still top scorer of the Suns, who have to leave the MAVS the ticket for the West finals.

There were no changes in the Starting Five on both sides and especially Doncic was ready for this game from the first second.. Doncic scored 8 points for a 10: 3 start of the guests.

Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks disassemble Suns

In contrast, nothing went together in the Suns-Orese. Crowder took many litters without great success, Paul was cleared by glue. Phoenix started the game with 3/17, but the Mavs also left a lot from downtown. Until Dinwiddie sank two triplets in a row. The Mavs lead grew to 13 points, Cam Johnson gave the sun a little life from the bank and reduced to 17:27 until the quarter.

Even with Doncic on the bench at the start of the second round, Dallas was able to expand the lead again. On the one hand, this was due to the excellent defense, which completely indicated the Big Three of the Suns, and on the other hand at the birth of “Game 7 Dinwiddie”. The 29 -year -old hit some crazy litters, but the icing on the cake sank Doncic after a crossover against Johnson – a threesome to 57:27. Doncic also had 27 points at half -time – what disassembly!

The Suns fans said goodbye to the cabin with loud boo calls when Ayton put two free throws next to it at the start of the second half, it rained even more. Dallas put a 36:5 run (!) Throughout, now the arena fell into a shock rigid – only Dirk Nowitzki liked what he saw. The Suns had now given up completely, the lead grew up to 42 points. It went into the final section with 92:50 Dallas.

Even before the last round started, numerous Suns fans left the arena. So they didn’t have to watch how Brunson or Dinwiddie continued their offensive show. After all, Paul scarts a little, but of course that came too late. Doncic was no longer used in the fourth quarter, the Mavs easily brought the victory home.

Pech had Brunson, who was unhappily got a blow to his knee next to the bank, but it was probably nothing bad. After a late Suns triangle there was still a small wrangling after the buzzer, but the Mavs could no longer be spoiled. Dallas has been back in the Conference Finals for the first time since the title in 2011. There the Mavs meet the Golden State Warriors, off we go on Thursday night in San Francisco.

the most important statistics

Phoenix Suns (1) – Dallas Mavericks (4) 90: 123, series: 3-4

  • As much as you could celebrate Doncic and Dinwiddie for a spectacular first half, the defense had to be praised so much. Dallas took Paul, Booker and Ayton, the three stars of the Suns, completely out of the game, Bullock and Finney-Smith made a good job against the backcourt, the Mavs took away the favorite right side and the Help defense was the right one Time on hand. The Big Three was out of the field at 1/15 at halftime!
  • A few more numbers of the horror half -time of the Sun: The field throw rate was 24.4 percent (10/41 FG) after the first 24 minutes, from downtown it was 21.4 percent (3/14 FG) and Phoenix had almost as many Turnover (7) like Assists (8). This resulted in the worst half of the season (27 points) – including regular season. Previously, the low value of the sun was 31 points. To emphasize that again: Doncic had as many points in the first half as all of Phoenix, according to ESPN Stats & Info in the past 25 years there has never been!
  • In the context of a game 7, the first half was absolutely historical. According to ESPN Stats & Info, the 30-point leadership was the largest half-time tour in a game 7 in the history of the NBA. The game was actually decided. According to John Schuhman (, the MAVs had previously won 54 games in a row, in which they led with at least 20 points. Most recently, they had given such a game in December 2019.
  • Over long distances of the first half, you could not get rid of the feeling that Dallas could have managed much higher, even. Because: Even with the guests, the threesome did not fall away from Doncic and Dinwiddie for a long time. Apart from this duo, Dallas 1/11 sank from the distance in the first half. But in the course of the game, the basket opened for all of Texas, the Mavs ultimately came to 19/39 threesome (48.7 percent), 11 of which went to Doncic and Dinwiddie.
  • Speaking of Doncic and Dinwiddie: The two are the first teammates, each of which has cracked 30 points in one game 7 since Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal in the 2002 Conference Finals. This nugget also comes from ESPN Stats & Info.

NBA Playoffs – Suns vs. Mavs: The voices

Jason Kidd (MAVS-Coach): “This is Luka. He loves this stage. The bigger she gets, the better he plays. […] Many people have predicted, this will be a blowout Had right – but they didn’t have us on the winning side. “

Monty Williams (Suns coach): “We played our worst game of the entire season today. I am responsible for it.”

Monty Williams (Suns-Coach) about the reason for the only 17-minute deployment time of Deandre Ayton: “This is internal.”

Devin Booker (Suns): “That was a good, old rubbing – from the start to the end.”

Star of the game: Luka Doncic

What a 23-year-old show. Elimination games are obviously special, in the history of the NBA nobody has a better scoring cut in these games than he (38.3). With his 8 points in the early minutes, he gave the tone, then he no longer took his foot off the gas.

Flop of the game: The Suns Backcourt

This game 7 will follow Paul and Booker for a very long time. The duo went through the hell of Mavs-Defense and never found a rhythm. There were also 4 turnover at Booker. In the end, the duo was at a plus/minus value of -41 or -39 -and so it felt like this!

scene of the game

As if the first half wasn’t bad enough from a Sun’s perspective, Doncic also had to go one step on it. Shortly before the break, he got the switch on Cam Johnson and went into one-on-1. A crossover later and Johnson lay on the pants floor – Luka sank the threesome.

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NBA Playoffs: Mavs vs. Suns – The series at a glance

Game Date Time Home About result
1 3. May 4 o’clock Phoenix Sun Dallas Mavericks 121: 114
2 5. May 4 o’clock Phoenix Sun Dallas Mavericks 129: 109
3 7. May 3.30 a.m. Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns 103: 94
4 8th. May 9:30 p.m. Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns 111: 101
5 11. May 4 o’clock Phoenix Sun Dallas Mavericks 110: 80
6 13. May 3.30 a.m. Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns 113: 86
7 16. May 2 o’clock Phoenix Suns Dallas Mavericks 90: 123

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