Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children: The 2005 film is available on Netflix

A real event at the time of its announcement, the animated film Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children is now discovering or rediscovering quietly on Netflix.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005) Trailer

Directed by Tetsuya Nomura as part of the compilation of Final Fantasy 7, a battery of projects articulated around this still special episode in the eyes of fans, advent Children had not passed through the cinema in France, which had Valu to wait for its DVD release of June 2006 to see (legally) Cloud, TIFA and the others come to a story taking place two years after the events of the game.

Obviously, we are at this time again far from the superb remake of 2020, as much to say that this technically spectacular feature film had something event at the time of its release. Netflix now offers it in its full version of 2h06, with the choice of dubbing (Japanese, English, French and Spanish).

Recall that the film kingslaive Final Fantasy 15 is also available on Netflix, unlike final Fantasy: the creatures of the spirit, whose bitter failure had cost Squaresoft in 2001.

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