The story of Final Fantasy VII What If reveals the release of SNES in New York

Final Fantasy VII Initially planned for SNES and taking place in New York, as indicated in the third edition of Kingdom Hearts Book. The volume also adds some interesting details for fans of the role play franchise.

How was FF7 finished in a year? [RE-UPLOAD]

According to a user resetera who financed the book on Kickstarter, Squaresoft had just finished the development of Final Fantasy VI and began to plan a follow -up. Producer Hironobu Sakaguchi focused on the theme of life, and the team was targeting an outing on the SNES.

The original plan, which also included New York as a main framework, was abandoned a little later so that the team could focus on another title, The trigger of a chronometer.

In 1994, Squaresoft decided that all its efforts should be concentrated on the trigger of a stopwatch, and at that time, the team even involved Yoshinori Kitase (credited as director) and Kingdom Hearts ‘Tetsuya Nomura, ‘era graphic designer in the field.

The development work on final Fantasy VII was only put on waiting to resume at the end of 1995. At that time, things had changed so much in the Video Games industry, 3D graphics and PlayStation of Sony having become very popular.

This is why the initial plan has changed so much: NYC was abandoned as the main site. Nevertheless, several pillars of the project remain intact, such as the theme of life, the Cloud protagonist and the eco-terrorist organization as part of the plot. One the original conceptions of the character of Nomura, a witch witch, was refurbished as follows: final fantasy VIII Edea, while New York is back veille parasite.

Remake of Final Fantasy VII approaches its release of March 2020 quickly; The production continues regularly so that Square Enix can already plan the rest: in this case, it is remake of Final Fantasy VII second act.

When you play remake, you can note several differences between the original game and the remake, because the Japanese developer led by Nomura has added more battles of boss and NPCs, and focusing on the city of Midgar which only counts for About 5% in the 1997 match.

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