The purchase of bungie: known period for completion of the deal

According to the latest financial report from Sony , the purchase of Bungie is to be completed this year. So you expect the deal in the third financial quarter , which lasts from October to December. It was only in February that we reported on the takeover of the former Halo studio by Sony. Sony has to put Sony on the table for the acquisition. But this amount is a mild investment if you compare the $ 70 billion that Microsoft has to pay for Activision Blizzard. While the latter deal is currently associated with numerous hurdles and lawsuits, there is far fewer controversial reports to report on buying bungie. It is currently planned that Bungie can continue to act independently after the acquisition and publish games on non-sony platforms. These titles also include all future parts of the Destiny series.

the industry in the shopping frenzy

For large companies, it is currently in fashion to buy numerous larger and smaller studios. Not only the billion -dollar purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft serves as an impressive example. Sony has also drawn attention to himself in recent months by buying the Haven Studios and the deal with bungie. Bluepoint Studios was also acquired by Sony in October 2021. In addition to all these acquisitions, rumors about from software are added, the studio behind Elden Ring and the Dark soul games.

Contrary to various discussions and alleged leaks, there are currently no official announcements that indicate a purchase of the developer through Sony. However, such an action would not be completely absurd. In addition to Activision Blizzard, Microsoft also incorporated Bethesda in 2020. We have recently reported on alleged Disney games that are currently to be in production at Bethesda.

Microsoft покупает Activision Blizzard - детальный анализ. Игровая сделка века

who wants again, who doesn’t have yet?

In any case, the messages about acquisitions, possible deals and suspected exclusivity will certainly not decrease. It only seems to be a matter of time until the next more or less large purchase happens. In the meantime, we will be excited to see how Bungie and her products will develop under possession by Sony.

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