FF14: The Housing Losing Procedure – Restoration and Voluntary Gil

The lottery process, with which the Housing plots in Final Fantasy 14 have been distributed since the appearance of Patch 6.1, caused plenty of excitement within the community. Due to an error, it was possible that the land could be raffled off with the winning number 0, which ensured that there were no winners at all. In several messages to the community, producer and director Yoshi-P has repeatedly commented on the problem and explains how to solve it.

FFXIV - Housing Issue Identified with Fixes Coming
Now he has already spoken out with the sixth follow-up news and confirmed again that the incorrect lottery dates on Monday, May 16, 2022 are to be restored. This means that all incorrect raffles can be carried out and the land can then be purchased correctly. On May 27, 2022 , the next round of raffle is to start. Yoshi-P therefore asks all winners of the current round to acquire their properties by then.

voluntary submission of the Gil Prize

Due to the faulty lottery procedure, there are also many players who have already received their GIL used. However, this will not matter when repeating the faulty lottery procedures. If you are still one of the winners, you will have the chance to voluntarily pay the Gil Prize for a specially set up NPC. In this way, the developers want to avoid the data or compulsion for a gil tax. This could be problematic for all players who have already received their gil, but have in the meantime issued otherwise.

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