Final Fantasy XIV continues to steadily bring profit for Square Enix

Square Enix has published a fresh financial report, which shows that in the digital entertainment sector there is an increase in income, mainly thanks to the Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV sales increased due to the release of Endwalker. In addition, the number of monthly subscriptions in this MMORPG has increased significantly. In general, the trend has been preserved since last year, FF XIV demonstrates a stable increase in interest from gamers.

Square Enix will strive for further investment and promotion of projects related to blockchain. According to the results of the Million Arthur NFT service, as well as the received reviews from the participants, the company decided to producing the service another “season”. In January 2021, the President of Square Enix Josuke Matsuda published a message in which he expressed interest in the NFT market and the idea of “playing to earn” as a concept.

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The financial report also shows that Square Enix will strive to launch a new NFT and IP brand with elements oriented to the history and build the world.

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