Final Fantasy XIV Fantasia explains: How to look and breed

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_ Final Fantasy XIV Has a large selection of breeds from which you can choose, and at the beginning you may create your character, but choose the fastest thing you can get into play faster. Later you can actually decide that you want to change your breed, but there are a few tires through which you have to jump to change the appearance of your character. You have to use a specific object called Fantasia, and this guide explains everything you need to know about the Fantasia Final Fantasy XIV.

How to change the hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV

If you only want to change certain parts of the appearance of your character such as hairstyles and facial markings, you can do this via the beautician after you have completed your activation in Limsa Lominsa (a great place for bard music). The quest bears the title “Beauty is only superficial” and can be preserved on the Lomsa Lominsa Upper decks by using an NPC called S’Dhodjbi ( x: 11.1, y: 11.0). You have to be level 15 to accept this quest.

As soon as the beautician is unlocked, you can change your character’s hair in an inn. However, if you want a complete change of breed, you need a Fantasia.

How to change and breed

If you want to make major changes to the appearance of your character or change the breed completely, you need a imagination . This is a premium item that costs real money. So you have to spend some money if you want to switch to a Viera or change your character’s skin t1. Yes, everything outside of hairstyles and make-up requires a fantasia to change, so you have to spend the money, even if you want to change something as simple as your size.

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ffxiv fantasia explained

Fantasia costs real cash and can be bought in the MOG Station Store for $ 10. This allows you to change any aspect of your character from breed to size and more. However, before you prepare your card for the purchase of this Fantasia, you will be happy to know that you will receive a free Fantasia to complete the main story of the base game. All you have to do is to complete The Praetorium at the end of the main story of A Realm Reborn, and you will receive one thing for free.

If you have the Fantasia, you can simply activate it via your inventory. Make sure you put your appearance first before using the item. After using a Fantasia, you have to unsubscribe and register again in the game. When you register again, you will be asked to enter the character creator to make the desired changes.

_ Final Fantasy XIV is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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