So they farm drinks and quickly enliven in Pokemon Go

Pokemon trainers around the world have been introduced to the world of Pokemon in so many species since players started the series almost 30 years ago. Since player Pokemon Go got their hands on their mobile devices, it has only been a matter of time before they learned all the details about everything you can do in the game. This includes healing your Pokémon after being injured in the fight. The use of potions and revealing is a necessary aspect of the game that nobody can avoid, no matter how strong your Pokémon is. For this reason, we show you in this article how you can quickly farm potions and reveals in Pokemon Go.

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How to farm drinks and quickly enliven in Pokemon Go

To quickly farm potions in Pokemon Go, follow one of the following steps to get the healing objects to heal their friends and fight again:

level up *: If you climb up, you will get more and more objects such as potions to heal your Pokémon.
Spinning Poke Stops : By turning Poke Stops, you not only get experience to get up, but there is also a chance of 22 %that you get a free potion for coaches.
Shopping in the shop : By buying bundles from the shop for Poke Coins, you get many potions such as the 10-Max potion bundle for 200 Poke Coins or $ 2.
* Spinning Gym Spots : These areas, which are either controlled by Team Valor, Mystic or Instinct, grant you potions when you fight and defeat him against the leader of the Arena Square.

How to revive farms in Pokemon Go quickly

In order to get revives, coaches have to take almost the same steps as the steps above to get drinks in Pokemon Go. Regular resuscites heal half of the health of your Pokémon, while a maximum revival heals the HP of your Pokémon. Against this background, there are some ways to quickly farm revives in Pokemon Go:

Ascend to rise *: Here too you get reveals with which you can heal your Pokémon by ascending your character.
Defeat a RAID boss **: Defeating slaughterhouse bosses grants you many revitalization and maximum revival. However, do not take these bosses too easily, otherwise you will need more revivations than ever.

rotating photo slices of fitness studios and Poke Stops *: With this method you get even more revival than normal, and you can start collecting photo discs and use them to get reveals at level 5.
Manufacturing of research tasks : Every completed research task grants you revitalization, Pokeballs and other objects, so make sure you do it!
Open gifts *: If you add new friends and send gifts to you, you will receive the rewards directly.

And so you can quickly farm drinking and revitalization in Pokemon Go. Take a look at our other articles and guidelines to stay up to date in the game.

Pokémon Go is available on all mobile devices.

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