If you want a dark IT Takes Two, you should

If you look at the latest trailer for We Were here forever, you could first be surprised by comparing it to IT Takes Two. This is where no colorful co-op game is waiting, but a dark setting that should rather chase a shower over your back. With the gameplay, it looks different, because here you can expect an asymmetrical co-op game for two players in which you can only advance together.

a dark puzzle game for two -way (?) Hours

As the trailer reveals, you start in the leaving of Castle Rock and have to find a way out of the dungeon together. To do this, you have to work together, but also complete other passages separately. At least you are never all alone, after all, you are connected by Walkie-Talkie. There are no alone here, because you can only solve the riddles that block your way together.

However, it shouldn’t remain so dark. In addition to the castle, your adventure trip should also lead you through a frosty cemetery, the city of Rockbury and below the frozen sea. Well, even without a dark dungeon that doesn’t necessarily sound cheerful.

an equally dark story: In addition to collecting information and solving puzzles, you should also learn more about the history of Castle Rock and the resistance in the game, which has been based on the country’s king, like it from there to escape.

the predecessor is free

Incidentally, we were here forever is already the fourth game in the Were Were here series. The co-op adventures are quite linked, but do not have to be played in a certain order. If you want to sniff in yourself, you can play some here for free on steam.

It Takes Two Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME (no commentary)
We were here forever will be released on May 10, 2022 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Eleen Reinke

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It Takes Two was one of the absolutely best adventure 2021 for me and is one of my favorite co-op games. So it is not surprising that I am also looking forward to Were here here forever. The dark mood of the game does not detract from this, but on the contrary, even more curious to explore the secrets of this world. It only remains to be seen whether it can keep up with the great gameplay mechanics from IT Takes Two.

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