FFXIV Nier Re [In] Carnation Collab Outfits unveiled: release date, new quests and more

_ Final Fantasy XIV _ As always has many events and one of them will be a nier re [in] cloven-crossover event for Final Fantasy XIV. Many players are extremely excited about the view of this event and everything that It will offer those who take part in the event when it is published. Recently, further information for the crossover was revealed, and this information was shown on the date of publication and the outfits that players can unlock. This guide article leads you through everything you need to know about the FFXIV NIER Re [in] Carnation Collab Outfits and the event in general.

News FFXIV Nier Re [in] Nelke Collab Outfits

A number of new outfits are added to the game, for the dark knight, dragoon and the white magician. More precisely, the white magician outfit is in the style of ‘Rion’, the DragoNer outfit is in the style of ‘Noelle’ and the dark knight is an outfit based on ‘063y’ and also the ‘Fantasm Weapon’.

Nier Reincarnation x Nier: Automata - Official Resurrected Crossover Trailer

As can be seen, the outfits are extremely stylish and will certainly be great to collect during the experience.

ffxiv nier Re [in] the release date of the climbing event and new quests

The event officially begins on May 10th and the event will remain there until June 13th, so enough time to try out everything that is offered for the event. Speaking of things that are offered for the event, the players will also be able to participate in completely new quests for the event that you should know about. With the event there are numerous other additions that you can also try and acquire, so that there is a lot to do for Final Fantasy XIV players in May and possibly even new articles from the MOG station shop.

_ Final Fantasy XIV _ is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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