Final Fantasy 16: a new trailer on the horizon

The smoke screen around Final Fantasy XVI should soon dissipate, probably through an imminent trailer. If most of the last stream around the free-to-Play Nier Reincarnation was logically devoted to collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV, the people of Square Enix did not resist the desire to probe their guest Naoki Yoshida about the future canonical episode, of which he is also the producer.

And as he said a few days earlier for the launch of the Uniqlo textile range, the title seems to be on the right track. A new trailer has even been finalized and “ would soon be presented“, “but for various reasons the date of publication was postponed“, comments Yoshi P, who refers to the decisions of marketing services and the need for Synchronize the efforts around this new reveal, almost a year and a half after the trailer ad.

Final Fantasy 16 New Trailer is Finished & Game Nearly Complete

Present in set as a riding hood for the deductible nier, Yôsuke Saviô even congratulated the teams at work, ensuring “ that they had delivered an excellent work“, to which Yoshida adds that “The efforts of the team development have been considerable “, and should probably not fall back soon. “A from now on, we will be able to play it, refine it, beginning and optimize it carefully, which will require a lot of time“. One thing is certain, Final Fantasy XVI is “Déjà taking shape“, and “The development team works very hard and with a lot of passion“.

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