Destiny 2 Iron Banner – When Comes the PVP

Destiny 2 never ends what is good, because to stand in the tower next to Master Rahool and to imitate his voice for my Fireteam comrades, never gets boring. I assume that the gameplay is also good, especially since the latest expansion – The Witch Queen – recently published and breathes some breath of fresh air to the game.

The Future of Iron Banner (And PvP) | Destiny 2 Witch Queen

There is in particular a game mode in which experienced players who have reached the maximum power level (or approach it) will still be interested – fate 2 iron banners . It is the ultimate PvP experience in which guard teams compete against each other without normalizing the power level, which means that it is simply difficult if someone has a higher level than you.

The Iron Banner event is limited in time so that you cannot play it all the time, which means that you will probably search for the next time the event should return. We will keep this guide up to date, so set a bookmark and read on below to obtain the latest information at the time of the iron banner.

When does Destiny 2 Iron Banner come back?

The Destiny 2 Iron Banner event returns on Tuesday, May 10th. The event lasts one week a month, but is only available from one weekly reset to the next, which means you have a week, to dive and collect engrams.

If you register for Iron Banner, you might want to find out the best PVP weapons with which you can record it with other players, or maybe you would like to optimize your build with the best titanium, witch champions and hunter builds for PvP.

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