Can I really play alone? I tried playing “FF14 Shinsei Eorzea” solo #3 [Job learning]

MMORPG “ Final Fantasy XIV ” operated by Square Enix. The large update on April 12 has implemented a function that allows the “Shinsei Eorzea” implementation content to be able to capture solo at the beginning of the game, and can play the main story alone.

This is the third time, while touching on the basics of the battle system of “FF14”, we will continue to capture the content using the “content supporter” function, following the last time!

Further evolution at level 30! Let’s learn “job”

Spa -chan has begun to subdue the flame barbarism “Ifrito” and begins on the path of Eorzea’s hero. There is also an experience bonus of the preferential server, so even if you proceed with the story, the level will increase.

In “FF14”, the level of “class”, such as Tomoe and phantom artists, will be 30, and if you clear the main quest “Aoba’s speculation”, you will be able to acquire higher “jobs”. “Jobs” are evolved in each class, such as knights, dragon knights, and white mage, and more actions can be used, and the feeling of operation comes out for each job.

In the case of Tomoe’s Spa -chan, you can learn two jobs, “ summoner ” and “ scholar “. The summoner will be able to summon the incarnation of Ifrit, which fought fierce, has changed completely from the previous carbunkle. On the other hand, scholars have summoned fairies and put a strong barrier to support allies.

Both are originally the same Tomoe, so it is a great specification that “as the level of the summoner rises, the level of the scholar goes up in conjunction.”

Furthermore, if the job level is higher than a certain level, you can get a job -only equipment called “ artifact (AF) equipment “. In the range of “New Eorzea”, you can get AF equipment by reaching level 45 and level 50. There are many good designs, and many players are leveling for AF equipment.

Let’s review the basic status of equipment such as Vit and STR while learning a job. These are corrected the status of players, such as physical strength and physical attack power, and the status that is important depending on the role and job.

If it is around level 30, you can purchase it at an NPC accessory shop in each city or a jewelry store in Urdaha. There are also substations such as “direct hits” and “religion”, but you don’t have to worry too much when you just play!

The basic status to be extended with the job and each equipment is as follows.

  • [Tank]
    Knight (swordsman), warrior (ax surgeon)… vit , str

  • [Personal physics DPS]
    Dragon knight (spearer), monk (fighting)… vit , str
    * Ninja (twin swordsman) …… * vit , dex

  • [Remote physics DPS]
    Bard (archer)… vit , dex

  • [Remote magic DPS]
    Summoner (Tomoe), black mage (magician)… vit , int

Class And Job System In FFXIV

  • [Healer]
    White Mage, scholar… vit , MND

The ninja is a little special, the same proof DPS, but the extension status is dex similar to remote physics DPS. Choose accessories while paying attention.

In addition, at level 30 where you can learn the job, you can order quests that allow your chocobo to participate in the battle. It will be a reassuring ally when you work solo, such as the battle of the field!

Favorite equipment forever! “Armor projection” function

The level will rise and it will be a level band to graduate from beginner equipment. Some of the equipment, such as “this design is a bit…”, such as armor that covers the whole body. It’s a favorite character that takes time, so I want to be fashionable! The functions that are useful in such a case are _ “dyeing” and “armor projection” functions. _ It can be opened at Beth Bay, where the sand house is located.

The dyeing function is literally a function that allows you to change the color of the equipment, and you can change the equipment to your favorite color using a dye called “Calarant”. Calarant can be purchased from NPCs, etc., and if you are a crafter, you can make your own. Please note that some equipment, such as beginner equipment, does not support some dyeing.

Another armor projection function is a function that can copy the appearance of the equipment. This is also called “Mirapuri” because it uses the item called Mirage Prism. By projection of weapons, you can change the appearance to your favorite one while keeping the equipment performance as it is.

Let’s actually use a job! This time, capture with “Content Supporter”!

Once you’ve learned a job, let’s use it in actual battles! The basic operation is the same as the conventional “class”, but the hot bars that place skills will switch, so let’s just set the settings. From this time, I will capture with Spa -chan, who became a “summoner”!

– Prison Ruins Totolak Senri–

The underground prison called Totraku arrived in search of the Sylphs elders. This prison, which was once used, is now a monster’s nest. This dungeon was released a little earlier after the renovation in the previous official live broadcast.

The atmosphere has changed in the dungeon and the atmosphere has changed, and the visibility is improved, such as the height of the ceiling and the width of the road. Including “ spider web ” that hindered the progress, “ exploding cocoon ” and “ Heavy floor “, “ Photo Sel ” It is possible to capture smoothly and smooth capture. The map has been greatly simplified, such as becoming a single road.

The final boss is a “graphies” with a huge poison needle, fighting while avoiding the cocoon explosion generated under her feet. Destruction of the tail will greatly increase the damage given, so let’s attack with priority!

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