How to take part in the drawing of the game speaker system FFXIV Soundslayer

Final Fantasy XIV offers unique measures to involve MMO community in their posts on social networks, including periodic draws of exclusive equipment. Those who are interested in obtaining a unique headset with the Final Fantasy XIV logo can take part in the draw organized by Square Enix.

Who can participate in the FFXIV SoundSlayer draw?

To take part in the Final Fantasy XVI Soundslayer draw can be those who meet the following criteria:

  • Residents of Great Britain, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Norway and Australia
    • British overseas territories and southern Australia are not right.
  • Participants 18 years and older
  • Players who joined the action from 10:00 on May 2, 2022 to 23:59 May 9, 2022 Moscow time.

How to take part in the FFXIV Soundslayer draw

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To take part in the Soundslayer draw, follow the following actions:

  • Follow Twitter Final Fantasy XIV page.
  • Soundslayer Message to retwevete.
  • Reply in the Comment section C #FFXIVSPEAKERSWEPSTAKES

Square Enix will choose two winners of those who take part in the competition, and the winners will receive notifications through direct messages on Twitter until May 16, 2022. Users can find complete rules and requirements on the official website. Soundslayer draw from Square Enix page.

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