How to get Mignona Nixon, Drippy, in Final Fantasy XIV

In the Patche of 6.1 Final Fantasy XIV, part of the main plot task presented new knowledge about the Nixes, miniature water families created by magic. But this is not the first time we see Nixes in Final Fantasy XIV. In Patch 5.4 we saw a huge Nixes as a dungeon boss.

With the growing popularity of the Nixes and the realization that it was I’stol that was the first to create Nixes and its super -size version, many players flock to get his own familiar Nixie. Here’s how to unlock the minion of the Nixon, Drippy, for yourself.

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How to get a minion of drippei

Drippi is the loss of a rare minion fromrelict dungeon Matoi . This dungeon 80 level is unlocked after passing the patch 5.4 post-scadowbringers msq. The Drippy minion falls in the last chest of dungeon *, after winning the last boss, mother Porxi. Nixes is also the second boss of the dungeon as an extremely large version of your potential new minion.

However, if you do not want to wait for the 80th level to get a new minion, or just do not want to go through the dungeon, you can also buy a minion of drippei on a trading board . Currently, it is sold at a price of 5,000 to 25000 GIL. However, this amount may vary depending on the server and accessibility. Activate the Drippy minion by choosing it in your inventory. And now, like I’stol, you can call on your own minion-nickname!

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