“FF14” is the fastest clear report of the highest difficulty content “Ryu Poetry War”. The team that continued to be silent arrives in 124 hours from the implementation

Final Fantasy XIV ” (hereinafter “FF14”), “Neverland”, reported on May 2 the clear of the highest difficult raid “Foreign Dragon Poetry War” implemented in Patch 6.11. It is about 124 hours from the raid implementation on April 26, and is considered to be the world’s fastest clear report.

The “Ryu Poetry War” is the latest challenge of the “FF14” highest difficulty content “out” series. Based on the story of the Dragon Poetry War in Patch 3.x “Ishgardo”, a battle packed with gimmicks will be developed. Initially, it was planned to be implemented in Patch 5.3, but it was postponed due to developmental delays due to the expansion of the new colon virus infection, and it was implemented in Patch 6.11.

Due to its high difficulty, the “out of the way” series attracts more attention to the fastest clear than “zero type”, which is one lower. Compared to the “Zero type”, which may be reported within 24 hours, the capture period is a long -chicken area, and in the first “out of the bahamut destruction battle”, it takes 11 days from the implementation to the clear report. bottom. In addition, the top teams that are distributed on Twitch and YouTube have received many support, and it is a content that is attracting attention from those who do not actually play.

“Neverland”, which won the world first race, aiming to clear the world’s fastest clearing of the “Ryu Poet War”, is a mixed team in Europe and North America. Former members of the THOUGHT PER SECOND, the world first team of the team that won the world first and the world first that won the world first in the “Ultema Weapon Destruction Strategy”. The combat members are players from the European CHAOS Data Center, but according to team members ZEP, two support members will have five European and North American members. He says on Twitter that “this time North America and Europe are drawn.”

The team is a dark knight/knight/scholar/astrologer/monk/ninja/dancer/red madman. Some players may be surprised that they have abundant reduced skills but have aspects that are difficult to produce firepower. In addition, the caster frame has been used by red magic, while many teams have changed the job to the summoner. “Neverland” has not released a clear video, and the distribution team has not yet reached the final phase. For this reason, there are still many unknown parts of the “dragon poetry war”, but as the capture progresses, the intention of the formation may be understood. Also, in the past “out of the way” series, there was no job that was considered to be weak at the level of “this job would not be clear”, so it is possible that it simply uses a familiar job.

“Neverland,” which is the top of the top in the FF14 raid race, was not high in the community until the clear report was announced. The fact that the name “Neverland” was not even spread is that they have been silent until they have cleared. On the other hand, “Thought Per SECOND”, who has left the world first place from “Area Agexander Battle”, has a small video of the phase on Twitter every time there is the progress of the team playing in distribution. I was. Many people expect to be one step ahead of other teams, so that this time they will win the world first. However, when I opened the lid, “Neverland” was further ahead.

There were many people who were dissatisfied with the operation of Twitter, which made the video small in accordance with the progress of the team playing in the distribution, and commented on “Thought Per Second” since the clear report of “NEVERLAND”. It looks like it was. “Please stop harassing TPS. They are wonderful teams,” said Zep of “Neverland”.

The “FF14” of “FF14”, which was settled by World First Race, after a clear report of the European and North American mixed team “Neverland”. However, the entire content of the content remains unknown to non -clear teams, and it is attracting attention to which team is to acquire the world second seat. In addition, domestic and overseas teams, which are captured in distribution, are finally in the premonition of the capture. Whether you’re actually playing or enjoy watching the game, let’s enjoy this festival.

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