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Alola, Pokémon coach! It is so far and Kapu-Kime, fourth patron saint Alolas, will be released in the animal 5 raids of Pokémon Go for two weeks until May 25, 2022. Together with Kapu-Kime (by the way in English Tapu Fini), special research “a poni adventure” comes into play.

Pokemon Go Strong Stuff Special Research Stages Tasks and Rewards All Complete Guide 2022
It is half-time in the Alola season and you can pick up the ** special research to match the islands of the respective protective cartridge until June 1, 2022. If you complete the special research before the end of the Alola season, there is a bonus special research on top. But are you already prepared for hood kime or do you need a few tips? Then read on below and find out in our Kapu-Kime-Konter-Guide how you can well prepare yourself against the legendary patron saint.

Kapu-Kime as a raid boss

The legendary Alola Pokémon of the type of water and fairy is susceptible to the type of poison, plant and electric. If you use attackers with attacks by these types, you will be booed in the order mentioned by the following weather changes: covered weather, sunny weather and rain. If you want to get a little more out of your Pokémon, you should pay attention to the weather display in Pokémon Go!

In contrast to the other protective cartridges, Kapu-Kime has significantly fewer competition points in the fight and comes with just 40,978 CP. Nevertheless, she should not underestimate the legendary Pokémon, because it has the highest defense value from the kapu quartet. At a high level and with a good team, you can do kapu-kime with three people, but like that is the case with animal 5 raids in Pokémon Go: more is more! So if you are not quite as well positioned, you get together with a few people. Below is the most effective attackers for the fight against Kapu-Kime or Tapu Fini.

mega-gengar * with Schlecker and mud bomb
mega-bibor * with poisoning and mud bomb

Crypto Raikou * with thunder shock and electricity
Crypto Elevoltek with thunder shock and electricity
mega-voltenso with thunder tooth and electricity
Crypto Magnezone * with a spark of sparks and streams
mega-bisaflor with tendril and flora statue
Zekrom with charging beam and stream
Crypto Zapdos * with thunder shock and thunder flash
Crypto bisaflor with tendril and flora statue
Crypto Tangoloss with tendril and leaf hill
Crypto Mewtu * with psycho blade and thunder flash
Zarude with a tendril and leaf hill
Voltolos (animal spirit form) with volt change and thunder flash
* Crypto Chelterrar with a razor leaf and flora statue

Pokémon GO: Capita kime catch

If your kapu-kime successfully forces your knee, the usual Pokéball throw awaits you to be able to call the legendary Alola-Mon of your own. Kapu-Kime has 1632 CP at 100%CP at level 20. If the hood is booed at level 25 in rain or covered sky, it has 2041 CP with perfect 100%value. We wish you a successful hunt!

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