Tick-Tock: Final Fantasy 16 has only 53 days for his reveal

Final Fantasy XVI - Reveal Trailer [HD 1080P]
For some time now it has been quite quiet about the new Final Fantasy offshoot. Finally, it was said that we could expect new information about FF16 in spring, but so far fans are waiting in vain. According to producer Naoki Yoshida, the game should have progressed quite far in development.

ff16 is in the final development phase

In an interview by the Japanese magazine Uniqlo (via Resetera), the producer also mentioned some information about the development of Final Fantasy 16 on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series. Accordingly, the game in the “final stage” of development is. Of course, this suggests that it is no longer so far away from being ready for a release.

We are still waiting for the announced large reveal, which finally reveals more information than just the first teaser trailer:

Yoshida announced over four months ago that the planned reveal of new information about Final Fantasy 16 had to be postponed to spring 2022. The reason for this was that the development of the game by the Corona pandemic was delayed by almost half a year.

Why 53 days? Now April is already coming to an end and many fans are wondering where the information said. If you go after the calendar, the team still has a maximum of 53 days to deliver the large info drop, after all, the beginning of summer is on June 21.

Possible Sony Showcase in June? But that still offers a lot of space for a stream shortly before the beginning of summer. Because even if the E3 was officially canceled this year, many publishers traditionally hold large show cases at that time. Xbox and Bethesda have already announced their own stream:

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more on the subject

Huge Xbox/Bethesda show case takes place in June – probably with more information about Starfield and Co.


Since Sony has held its own showcase regardless of the E3 in recent years, we can again expect an event in June or July this year. If FF16 really rises to the end of development, we could also get a release date.

What we know about FF16 so far:

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ff16 should bring old fans back with the story

As Yoshida also reveals in an interview, the action is a big focus for Final Fantasy 16. According to this, the team is working on integrating story and gameplay even further. The aim is to recover old Final Fantasy fans who have lost interest in the turn:

I think it has become a story with a lot of depth. We want people who have grown up in working life and imagine “Reality is not as relaxed as a video game” and at some point separated from Final Fantasy, remembering their passion from back then. We play the game with this intention.

In fact, Final Fantasy 16 should move away from the cyberpunk and sci-fi elements of the last offshoots and offer a classic high fantasy setting again. Something that could really like long -term fans.

What do you expect from Final Fantasy 16? Do you want the classic feeling for the series or do you just want a release date?

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