The development of Final Fantasy XVI is about to end

After its revelation in 2020, _ Final Fantasy XVI _ has become one of the most anticipated games for PS5. Almost two years after its first progress, we still do not have a release date, and we do not know a lot about this title. Despite the lack of information, Naoki Yoshida, producer of this delivery, has revealed that _ Final Fantasy XVI_ is in its latest stages of development.

Final Fantasy XVI is Almost COMPLETE - Release Date on the Horizon?

In an interview with Uniqlo, this for the launch of clothing inspired by this new installment, Yoshida shared new information about final fantasy XVI. Although the details that we want so much remain a mystery, the producer said that the development of this delivery is about to end, and revealed what his philosophy is about this title . This was what he commented:

“Right now, the development of Final Fantasy XVI is in its final stage. As a game for a player, our goal is to integrate the story with the gameplay even more. Unlike the titles that many people play online at the same time, the individual approach affects how immersed you are in the game.

I think we have managed to make a story quite depth. We want to go to people who have grown and enter society, who think that reality is not as simple as a video game and have ended up separating from Final Fantasy. We want them to remember your passion then. We are doing the game with that intention. ”

Recall that Yoshida is the director of _final Fantasy XIV, _ so that the approximation of him to the way he distributes content has to be different in this case. In this way, It seems that final fantasy XVI will be a robust game during its launch.

At the moment there is still no release date for this title on PS5 and PC. However, These statements would indicate that this information would be close to being shared . On related issues, Persona 5 Royal and Final Fantasy have a collaboration. Similarly, here you can check our _final fantasy vi._final gameplay

Editor’s note:

Naoki Yoshida is one of Square Enix’s most loved people by fans. His work with final fantasy XIV is first level, so there is no doubt that final fantasy XVI will have the same level of attention and dedication as the MMORPG. I just want to know the release date as soon as possible.

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