Final Fantasy XVI: How is the development of the game? The producer gives news

Announced in 2020, Final Fantasy XVI does not yet have a release date. Suddenly, the slightest filter information is taken up and amplified within the community. The latest, we owe it to an interview with Naoki Yoshida (the producer of the game) published as part of a collaboration between Square Enix and Uniqlo for a range of clothes – and relayed by Reddit. According to him, things are advancing well, even very well.

Actually, the development of Final Fantasy XVI is in its final phase, he explains. Comme it is a solo game, our goal is to go even further in the integration of history and gameplay. Unlike a game where several people play at the same time, the approach is more individual, which changes everything in terms of immersion. I think it is a particularly deep story. For people who grew up, who entered the world of work and who say to themselves: ‘Reality is not as simple as in a video game’, and who ended up moving away from Final Fantasy, we want them to remember The passion that animated them and they come back. We are developing the game with this idea in mind.

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A little over a year ago, the same Naoki Yoshida indicated that Final Fantasy XVI would be a little more action -oriented than its predecessors. “We are creating a Final Fantasy with a lot of action but also a beautiful story, he said. Bien Sure, Final Fantasy is a series that attracts a lot of players who just want to enjoy the story. We have So planned a mode and elements to accompany players who want to focus on the scenario. We are preparing things, such as more simplified access in terms of controls.

For the record, Final Fantasy XVI will be released exclusively on PS5, but temporarily a priori.

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